IBM Pelatihan Guru Dalam Mengelola Pembelajaran Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus (Abk) Di SDN 01 / VI Bangko Merangin dan S#dit Al-Munawwaroh Bangko.

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Hera Hartati


The purpose this IbM to solve the teachers’ problem in manage of the exceptional children in teaching and lerning process. This activity is a  training for teacher to  solve learning  difficulties of the Exceptional Children. Its aim to improve the knowledge and skill of the teachers. The training consist of identifying and comprehending about the characteristics of exceptional children based on  perspective phycology, Linguistics and learning methods. This training has several methods in that application 1) lectures about exceptional children from perspective Psicology, 2)lectures about exceptional children from perspective Linguistics, 3) Dicuss about the materi by the teachers SDIT Al-Munawwaroh and SDN 01/VI Bangko Merangin, 4)Training about the learning methods. Based on the training, there are improvement of  the learning process at both of collega namely methods application and  learning strategies exceptional children, beside that learning material  are provided for teachers and exceptional students.

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