The Effect Of Strategy Toward Students’ Reading Comprehension In Hortatory Exposition Text at The Eleventh Grade Of SMA Negeri 1 Merangin In Academic Year 2016/2017

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Fitri Handayani
Hera Hartati


The purpose of  this research is to find out the effect of Direct Reading Thingking Activity (DRTA) strategy toward students’ reading comprehension of hortatory exposition text at Grade XI of SMA Negeri 1 Merangin in academic year 2016/2017. This reasearch was an experimental research. It was conducted at SMA N 1 Merangin. The design of this research is quasi experimental with postest-only control group design. The population was the grade XI of SMA N 1 Merangin consists of 8 classes. By using cluster random sampling, it was found that XI IPS 4 as control class, XI IPS 3 as Experimental Class, and XI IPS 1 as try out class. The researcher used reading comprehension test of multiple choice questions as the instrument to collect the data. In analyzing the data, it used t-test that was helped by using SPSS 20.The result shows that students were taught by DRTA were better reading comprehension of hortatory exposition text than those who were taught by conventional strategy. In conclusion, DRTA strategy can be used as a teaching strategy in teaching reading comprehension of hortatory exposition text at SMAN 1 Merangin.

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