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Siti Hasna
Herysa Oktawati
Murnianti Murnianti


The most students of MAN 2 Merangin had difficulty in mastering writing recount texts, based on the observation during Magang III program. The difficulty is quite complicated.Many students do not understand how to write recount text correctly.The research subjects were Class X Mipa I consisting of 27 students and from the sample, there were only 20 students. In this reaseach the reaseacher using written examination in the direction of knew how is the students in writing ability, test was give using online way. There are 5 themes that the researcher gave to the student and the student choose the theme and writes the recount text. Researchers assessed the test with writing assessment aspects.known the students result was many variations, the high score was 77 with frequency 1 students and the lowest score was 40 with 1 student. The most of frequency was only 2 students with score 77.In adition, the researcher got the average was 62.8. many mistaken from vocabulary and grammar. The use of this study was to analyze the student ability in writing recount text in MAN 2 Merangin. The result was the students were still need to learn to writing more because their ability especially in writing and chose the right vocabulary and grammar were still low and grammar are still low. Based on the result that can see on the test that has already measuring. It is hoped that teachers can provide writing lessons not only in terms of material but also in terms of direct writing skills. It is hoped that students pay more attention to writing, so that their English will be better in the future, especially in terms of writing skills. It is hoped that other researchers can use recount text as an object to further develop their research.

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