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Robby Pratama Saputra
Hera Hartati
A. Eki Kurniawan


This research aimed to the students’ speaking ability in recount text at second semester of English education program is STKIP YPM Bangko academic year 2019/2020. The researcher found some facts contained at second semester English department in the speaking ability. Student where shy and stumbled brick. They also had low motivation to learn especially speaking. Although students already studying English subject but rarely applied by the student, such as difficulties during practice pronunciation, grammar, fluency and vocabulary especially relating to speak up. So there are some problems faced by students. First, the students had a lot of mistakes during the practice speaking especially their pronunciation. Second, the students’ had limited Vocabulary because the Indonesian vocabulary and the English vocabulary where very different. Third, the students’ still hard to use appropriate grammar based on the certain tenses   when they speak. This research used quantitative descriptive design, quantitative research. The population and sample of this research was the second semester of English education program of STKIP YPM Bangko. They consist of a class. Of population and sample was 25 students but only 22 students submitted the test. The instrument of the research was test, the test was used   content validity and reliability. In analyzing the data it used rubric scoring. The score is 3 for excellent, 2 for good, 1 for fair and 0 for poor. After that the researcher classification the students speaking ability in recount text based on their answer sheet. The result was found that, 22 students’ two students’ get score A and two students’ get score A-, one students’ get score B+, seven students get score B, two students get score, three students get score C+, four students get score C and one students get score C-. And In addition the average score of students speaking ability in recount text was 72. The category of ability based on catalog book of STKIP YPM was good enough with quality of score B-. it means that the students ability in speaking is not satisfied suggests to the lecturer afind out the strategy to improve students speaking ability.

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