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The problem that found based on the researcher’s interview on March 24th 2017 with English teacher at the twelve grade of students of SMKN 8 Sarolangun were most of the students had some problems in reading ability; the students have less motivation for their self specially to read a book, material or question with long sentence. The students get difficulties point when read their material and the biggest problem when have a question on story form. The students still confuse how to get a point in reading, how to answer the question without check the story in many times. From the total 27 students does the exam about 16 students reach the KKM (Kriteria Ketuntasan Minimal) and 11 students did not reach the KKM. While 75 target of achievement and 75% classical score in English competence was hoped minimally. To solve the problem above the researcher used Global Method to improve students Reading Ability at Twelve Grade of SMKN 8 Sarolangun. This research was classroom action research that consists of two cycles there were four meetings and each cycle had four steps: Planning, Acting, Observing, Evaluating and Reflecting. The action done in this research used Global Method in teaching learning process at twelfth Grade of SMKN 8 Sarolangun. The sample in this research consists of 27 Students at twelfth Grade of SMKN 8 Sarolangun in academic year 2017/2018. Test was given three times: Pre test, Post Test I and Post Test II. From the result of this research showed that there was an improvement of the students’ achievement at the twelve grades of SMKN 8 Sarolangun. It can be seen by the students average in pre test 65, 56 improve to be 80, 00 in post test in cycle I and improve to be 82, 78 in the post test cycle II. It was also can be seen by observation sheet that was helped by the English teacher, observation sheet in the cycle I was 74, 07% improve 92, 59% in the cycle II. The conclusion of this research was improvement of students reading ability at twelve grade of SMKN 8 Sarolangun in academic year 2017/2018. So that Global Method could be used in English learning process especially in teaching descriptive text.

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